Shipping & Payment Method Restrictions

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Using this extension of Shipping & Payment Method Restrictions, admin can Restrict customer group to access the Shipping and Payment method. Selected Shipping and Payment method will not be shown to the selected customer group.

Key Features

  • From shipping method list you can select one or more shipping method from available shipping method list. If you can’t select any method from list then all shipping methods will be shown at frontend.
  • From payment method list you can select one or more payment method. The selected payment method will be restricted to the selected customer groups.
  • From customer groups you can select multiple groups from available list of customer group. Selected customer groups will be restricted to access selected shipping and payment method.
  • These all the settings are provided in the configuration section. You can manage the configurations based on the store view.
  • Hence, you can save the different types of configurations on each store view Thus, it supports multiple store views.
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Shipping & Payment Method Restrictions
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Organizing shipping and payment methods is very important to give your customers a smooth checkout experience. Using this extension, one can create flexible shipping and payment method restrictions. Shipping & Payment Method Restrictions is useful to restrict the shipping and payment method on the cart page as well as the checkout page.

This extension can also restrict a customer group to access the shipping and payment method and the customer group is not able to see the selected shipping and payment method. This means the extension provides the facility to store owners to restrict certain groups from Shipping & Payment methods to selected customer groups. For example, suppose store owners need to restrict a wholesaler group (Customer Group) to access Flatrate (Shipping method) and Cash on Delivery (COD- Payment method) then this extension will be very helpful.

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